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Port Services

We are on the road anytime, anywhere to carry everything.

Turkmenline provides services not only in international transportation but also in ports for efficient and cost-effective transfer of goods at terminals.

These services include berth, land and gate operations, customs clearance and storage services.

By choosing the right and appropriate ports, Turkmenline fulfills customs and port formalities with its experienced staff and agents, such as ship docking, loading and unloading of containers and dry-bulk cargo on board, handling of cargo in the port, lashing-unlashing services, and heavy equipment and field rental in ports. provides services to its customers quickly, reliably and at low cost.

— Cfs area container loading and unloading services

— Lashing & unlashing

— Loading and discharging inside port

— Harbor equipment chartering services (forklift, crane)

— Container fumigation services

— Survey and certification services

— Loading counting and warehouse surveillance

— Port halls chartering services

— Container damage and repair service

Port Services

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